tirsdag den 20. august 2013


'depression is like a storm,
it's starts slow,
eating away at you slowly,
then it becomes stronger,
and causes more damage.

then it's stops,
and you think you're fine,
that it's getting better.
like its safe to go outside now,
and enjoy the finer things in life,
kind of like the eye of the storm.

then out of nowhere,
it hits you again,
knocking you down,
harder than before,
until you're no more.

it's swallows you,
clogs your vision.
so then you can't see,
how close to ending it is.
and some don't make it..

..thinking that the only way,
to stop the storm,
is to stop themselves.'

poem by k.q.m

if we trust in God, we're never really lost, are we?