søndag den 1. september 2013

"Heaven is where we are homesick to be."

the day i say goodbye to this world,
might as well be the happiest day of my life.
i can't wait to leave all the hurt.
and i can't wait to get all
my scars inside of me,healed.
so that i finally can feel pure joy,
with no worries, doubt or defeats.
i know i will meet the Lord,
and that he will wrap his arms around me,
so that i will no longer feel pain,
but finally be able to feel the joy of being alive.
In heaven,
i will finally could walk around,
and fully enjoy the beauty,
that God has created.
without seeing nor feeling,
the hurt and the damage,
that this world has done.
i know that as long as i am in this earthly body,
i will never truly feel peace in this body,
not in this world,
not now, not ever
not until i am at Home with the Lord

please take a listen to these words by Jason Roy.

Heaven is where we are homesick to be,