onsdag den 7. august 2013

the need for peace and silence.

i love silence. i love when i lay in my bed, and the only thing that fills the room, is silence.
no sounds, no noise, no music nor voices, just silence.
when there's completely silence, i rise my head and pray, i often pray for peace in my soul,
and for strenght to survive another day.

i've never needed silence like this before,
i often dream myself away to a peaceful place,
where the only thing that talks, is the voice
inside my head. that kind of silence, is what i long
for, every second of the day.

its like the silence heals,
you can think; without somebody disturbing.
you can feel; without somebody hurting you.
you can pray; to let Him comfort you.

the silence means everything, to me.
i would wsh that i could listen to it, every minute
but its the fewest who actually appriciates it,
everybody always has to break it,

So when you lay down in your bed tonight,
try to listen to the silence, and how wonderful it is,
that the only thing that you can hear, is the voice inside your head,
i hope you enjoy it, as much as i do.

take care,

- M.L.